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I have a few explanations as to how synchronicity and signs happen (based on more than 10 years of personal experience).

1. Telepathic request/response

This is best explained by an example. For example, we see a meaningful car license plate, e.g. TEA exactly when we suspect that “tea” is harmful to us, that is we probably drink too much tea. How this coincidence can happen? Our soul (subconscious mind) is capable of remote viewing and subconscious telepathy. It telepathically requests that car’s driver to be seen to our mind exactly when our mind suspects that tea is harmful to us. The driver accepts the request and this coincidence happens.

Another example:

We see the number of visits to a Web page that we visit to be a meaningful number e.g. 88 (this number may represent “freedom” to us, for example). This may happen if we telepathically request (in subconscious telepathy) a number of people to visit that Web page so that the number of visits is 88 exactly when we visit that Web page.

2. Panoramic view

Our soul has panoramic view that is 360 degrees. If we are interested in a number, e.g. 11:11 or 1234, it takes our attention to it happening somewhere around us like a clock or book, newspaper, etc.

3. Law of attraction

For example, we may see a shooting star or a falling leaf exactly when we have a specific thought. Or, we may see a meaningful number on a Web page that we visit. We must believe that shooting stars or falling leaves or meaningful numbers may happen in response to our thoughts (law of attraction).

4. Deja vu

Sometimes “deja vu” may be taken as a sign. Deja vu happens when someone in subconscious telepathy visits us and we remember them. The mind, remembering something (the visitor) but being incapable of seeing it, is tricked to think that it remembers that moment.

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