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Originally Posted by Chrysalis

I started learning about the Elder Futhark runes along with connecting with them. Using runes for reading purposes is for questions which are phrased in such a way that it can't be answered yes or no. Out of all that I read about runes and my little experience with them, such information you mentioned isn't involved at all. Birthdates, names, locations, jobs, etc might (heavy emphasis on the word might) be included in a question as part of your concern. You don't need to tell them who you are, when you were born, etc. The same goes for the one you're reading for. In that respect, it's similar to using tarot by not needing such info for a reading. It's best to keep the reading as simple as possible so you can remain focused on the question or main concern.

On the subject of reading, it's best to cast the entire rune set on a cloth as runes are meant to be read together. That shows up by how close the runes are when they land on the cloth. If the runes touch, or close to touching, then they are read together. If they're too far apart, then the single rune is still read but by itself. A casting cloth can also add perspective to the reading.

I hope that helps.
Thank u............
so i v been doing the rune myself lately just for fun.
i m wondering why it is so great , it really showing and telling us .
i want to read more to know more now.
it seems when i pick them, they just know....
so, those people who made the cards r very deeply rooted in spirits too.
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