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Hi Patrycia,
I just finished reading the Emotion Code and I'm really intrigued. I came on SF to search "emotion code" and found your post. I know this is an old post of yours, so I hope you see my reply.

Have you tried this technique on yourself or others yet? I used the sway test on myself so far, and used the only small magnet I could find around. I want to buy the Nikken ones he recommends in the book. I am so fascinated by this method of releasing trapped emotions and now I'm finding myself comparing it to reiki.

It seems to me this emotion code method erases any traumas or negativity associated with past events somewhat instantaneously, as opposed to reiki slowly peeling away layers and going through memories of painful events and triggers and crying it out to release it (I know everyone's reiki experiences differ).

What are your thoughts? If for any reason you don't see my reply, I may start a thread to poke around in the community and see if others have tried it.
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