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wow a lot of questions I can't answer. I am not an acupuncture doctor. I have no training in TCM. I can only say what I know from experience and my spiritual teacher. And sometimes in using words coming from different systems of thought it gets really confusing. My thing is to keep it simple.

Originally Posted by wanchain
The four subtle layers (of energy?) that you alluded to, is that outside the physical body? As part of the aura? Each layer is aligned or connected to a specific major chakra, by way of its vibrational frequency? Energy that goes into each chakra has to be further stepped down to enter the meridians?

We are spiritual, mental and physical beings. You can subdivide the "mental" however you like. The mental part of us is the soul and its various energy fields of subtle energy - in Sanskrit prana, in Chinese chi. There are different vibrations of energy. The more gross it is, the closer to the physical - the more refined and subtle (harder to perceive) the closer to the spiritual. The aura is our energy field, a combination of all these energies.

Energy has to be stepped down from the Source. The power that moves a planet can't enter into your body without exploding you. It needs to be stepped down. The chakras do this. And we also block energy.

Originally Posted by wanchain
When I went for my acupuncture sessions, my acupuncturist said he could help pull in more energy into my body by poking needles here and there. I never asked how I could acquire more energy just from having needles on me, but I guessed energy could directly enter my body through those acupoints, or more specifically, through stimulation of those acupoints. Is that your understanding?

I only had one experience of acupuncture. The needle felt hot to me. They said that wasn't supposed to happen. I never went back. I do know from reiki that life force energy enters from the Source, through me as a conduit and into the other person, if my heart chakra is open. Also I had a great reflexology experience where the person pulled up on my big toe and I felt the energy rise up my head, so it must have travelled along a meridian. So I know both ways can work - either the person is a conduit or the point is correctly stimulated.

Originally Posted by wanchain
If I comprehend the above correctly, then I think I understand my experiences more. I had received a couple sessions of Reconnective Healing, which is supposed to help me connect to the universe better.
A lot of people make claims like that... Connecting to the universe is about you going within and knowing what your center feels like and having that intention and the universe responding. My teacher helped me connect by awakening my Kundalini through his power, and then my own Kundalini took over and the connection is there all the time (to a degree).

Originally Posted by wanchain
Prior to that, I had one session of Axiatonal Alignment, and what I noticed most was its balancing effect, not so much the connection to the universe. Anyway, to tie back to your blog, these few days, I try to plug my body in to the universal energy grid, as I need to "recharge" (I suffer from energy deficiency since I was a kid). I feel a vague, faint, light, subtle flow of energy in my body, going in whichever direction it likes. I am not sure if it is a recharge of energy from the universe, or whether that flow is my own energy, but I only know that when I am consciously plugged in, the flow is stronger.

I am not good at directing energy to flow along a certain meridian. What I mean is, I can get energy to flow from one point to another, say from head to toe, but if you tell me to move it along so-and-so meridian, I cannot do it. So when I direct the flow, the energy is not moving along inside a certain meridian. This is something that truly baffled my acupuncturist. He had seen many patients, perhaps 10,000, but had never seen one like me. Every time when he pokes a needle in me, he expects the energy to travel down a certain meridian, but it doesn't. What can be expected from my body is that the energy around the needle, in an area about 1.5" (max) radius, may be stimulated.

I think my energy doesn't flow very well inside my meridians, although I can definitely sense the flow quite distinctly on, in, and around my body. I wonder if it is because the energy cannot step down. Does this make sense to you?


Don't be hard on yourself. It took a long time for me to be able to move prana at will. Kundalini awakening solved everything for me. In the first stage you squeeze the muscles, next focusing on the breath, just breathing, brings in prana. But when you use your mind to focus too, it's even more powerful. And once you can feel the Divine moving in and through you, the prana moves on its own without your help (but you can work with it too).

I can't tell you whether your energy is flowing in your meridians. No idea. Some has to be or you would be dead lol.
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