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I receive a monthly newsletter from an esoteric astrologer Phillip Lindsay, so I went back over some issues from this year.

Regarding the Brexit chaos:
... one of the key planets involved in Britain’s horoscope is Mercury in Sagittarius, standing for a reorientation to higher philosophical ideals. This planet has been getting much stimulation over the past few years. ... Transiting Neptune in Pisces has been squaring Mercury for the same period of time, muddying the waters with ongoing Brexit propaganda, creating chaos, confusion and prevarication. Neptune’s higher potential is to bring into being the best vision and aspirations for all; its square transit to Mercury will fade by February 2020.

Regarding Hong Kong:
Hong Kong is a gateway to China and an unique bridge between east and west. HK’s modern birth was in 1997 – when Britain’s 99 year lease expired. It has Aries rising, Sun in Cancer and a Taurus moon – the latter echoing a legacy of the British Taurus personality, as well as China’s Taurus soul.

... Hong Kong is a very dynamic, high energy city and has aggressive Aries rising – with its ruler, combative Mars place in Libra opposite, the sign of the peacemaker....

... The Hong Kong horoscope has Uranus and Jupiter in Aquarius, adding to the love of freedom and independence; hence radical, revolutionary thought has a good environment in which to gestate. The moon in Taurus is square to Jupiter in Aquarius, indicating a conflict between the past and future – and a dig-your-hooves-in attitude to achieve goals. Hence, pro-democracy groups are now resisting the impact of the hard line taken by mainland China – with equal determination.

Hope this is of interest.

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