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Crazy Experience That Caught Me By Surprise

This happened to me some years before.To avoid the boring typing procedure,i'll quote Josephine Maccarhty for me.

The other main caution is: if you do magic at home, don’t sit
down and watch any exorcist movies that are based upon the real
records, diaries etc of someone. There is a very good chance that the
original being, if portrayed well enough, can come through the movie
and hook into you. The recreation of a real event can sometimes act
like a doorway for the original being to pass through…it’s like a passive
form of invocation (as I found out…ouch!)

I would never believe that something like this could happen,but it did.
Once i felt the energies,i jumped out of my bed in terror,doing banishings and smudging the room like crazy.And all this because i was watching a live ritual video.At the same moment the evocator was pronouncing the call,i felt my attention and focus gathering at his words,and then booom.I had accidentaly connected with the being as well.

Great lesson as well,and there's no chance for me to watch such vids again.
I suggest everyone to be careful with these things.
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