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I work with nature spirits regularly.

There is a difference between the spirit of a tree and a dryad.

There is a difference between the spirit of a rock, and what you experienced.

My understanding is that they are connected, however. Like a colony of plants that all share the same roots. The trees come together and make up the dryad. The stones come together and make up the protector of stone.

Then there are the faeries, elves, little people, which are from nature but are very different.

Elementals are also different, and these I have little experience working with, aside from earth elementals. It sounds like what you experienced as an embodiment of all stone on earth may have been a powerful stone elemental!

This sounds like a very beautiful and real experience to me. I'm glad you shared! Working with nature was my base, and I only now find myself drawn to things like raising my vibration. It's an interesting paradigm shift!

Love <3 <3 <3
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