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Originally Posted by ImthatIm
This is our basics/Sacredness of life.

Rock, Fire, Water, Green

When these 4 work together there is life.
Take one away and there is no life.

We say "All my relatives" which is saying I am related to All there is.

We pray in 7 directions. Always Creator/center first then West,North,East,South,Up/Sky, Down/Earth.

Life is in a circle, we stand in the center.
Have relationships to All there is, for they are Spirit and Life.
Love and Light - and Life!

And we turn our attention to the world, not away. We receive our learning from the songs it sings and the choir of One we're all in.

And while we walk gently, we generate love, healing, the most powerful energy of all, Life!

Soaking in life, we spread the light <3
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