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Originally Posted by Altair
Not to be a downer here, but I think spiritual progress isn't possible for most people. If you pay attention you can spot a bias in spiritual communities.. there are loads of people that are retired, work part time, or are students. Or they have stress free jobs like being a dentist or any job that is easy to leave behind when you go home. Not to mention the stress of taking care of a partner and kids, and the worries that come from that [can see that in my older siblings for years now]. For most people, spirituality is just not on their minds and they have little to no opportunity to achieve any sort of progress.

You could potentially meditate the rest of your life, every day for an hour or so, and not see any apparition or experience anything substantial whatsoever [besides basic benefits such as improved breathing, relaxation, and psychological awareness]. Anyone and their dog can achieve those things, but an actual spiritual experience is also probably not something you can just induce at will..

Sorry, but maybe it wasn't really healing to begin with. I've had people try to heal my migraines but it doesn't work, lol, even if I start believing that they have the power to heal. The physical world is fukking real. You can't cure migraine with healing hands or cancer with a water fast.

Different strokes for different folks Altair.

It’s the nature of this world.

You can do anything you put ‘your mind too’ and believe it’s working for you with regards to anything-energy work, parenting, how you do your job. Just about anything. If it ‘feels’ right for you, it potentially will be practiced by you.

Energy work is a complex arrangement of many things coming together at the same time. Energy is but one aspect. As is the body itself. The ability to fully let go of the mind, drop into your being and be a receptive vessel with clarity and awareness of what is, listen and know as deep as this, to what you need at any given moment, is not about fixing at all times in the immediacy of that moment, (although it’s possible, depending on the contents itself) it’s about awareness, listening and acting to heal your own ailments, understand your mind body. Become your own self healer as your body needs, which might mean taking medication, which might mean going to get your neck checked, which might mean you need energy healing..who knows? Only you can know what you need.

‘Get more real with yourself’

People rush around with busy lives, ignoring many parts of life, self, needs. So most of those busy folk just survivin, often neglect stuff, many spiritual seekers are trying to resolve and overcome.

Life is a complex arrangement as well and as we see in the world, most just get on with life as they only know and can be, with what is available to them. Until they know more..
“Within you is the light of one thousand suns-Robert Adams
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