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None of it works, unless the unloving spiritual being, wants for you to believe that any of it works, in ridding us of them.

They are spirit, and physical items ointments, fragrances, spiritual techniques, holy water etc, none of it affects the spiritual, unless as i mentioned, that the unloving one, decides to pretend that any of it wards them off. They can go into discrete silence & still affect & influence us without our knowledge.

They have been doing it ever since the first parents were on Earth.

They have "free will" to be & do what ever they choose to do. Only the law of "reap as one sows" has any affect on them...they slowly deplete in the quality of Soul'self.
They literally become what they think. They eventually emanate zero spiritual body, in order to be recognized via.
They eventually end up with zero ability to affect anyone, or any ability to relocate from their hellish state of mind. with only the madness & lust for all of their unloving nasty desires, continuously blazing through their mind & unable to quench their desires for it all.
In scripture it is refered to as the "GNASHING OF THE TEETH".

I live with them 24/7, although many members on this site refute my claims.
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