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A lovely prayer.

It hits at the core of things to me. We've been put on the material world to experience, find and learn of beauty that manifests in almost every part of our ecology. It isn't apparent always because we take so much for granted. Our thoughts are distracted by work, other people's imaginations (entertainment), doing what "conditioning" expects of us - and rarely look at the real value of what's there; the people and things around us and what part we play. Our experiences are what we take with us when we leave this world (no matter what you believe happens after that).

One point: you say that English is not your native tongue so if you can allow me humbly to make a tiny correction: you say "so please bare with me." It should be "bear", meaning "please carry along with me." Hope that helps. It's a mistake often made but could save embarrassment!

Peace and light.
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