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The Gift Of Life

I have recently experienced a spiritual awakening after meeting a specific person in my life. I have felt unconditionally love and with true love it inspires the soul and so I have been inspired to write and to paint and I will like to share with you all as it may help others in the same situation as my own. My writing will be some kind of spiritual chronicles for myself and hoping in can help others. I donít know where I can post my writing this seems like the best place. If you know of a better thread please inform me.

P.S English is not my native language so please bare with me.

Here is my letter to the Universe

- Gift of Life

Dear Source/Universe/God
Today I want to give thanks for this experience we call life. I can not thank you enough. Life is full of beauty and I am so grateful that I am more aware of its beauty. I am grateful for the lessons learned, Grateful that I can mold my life the way I see fit for me and grateful of the endless possibilities. Today I was inspired to write as I received news that someone at my work place committed suicide. Itís a bit sad an the thought of ending my own life came across. Why would you throw away such a wonderful gift.

The thought of how precious life is what greater gift that is provided than the life I live, I am so grateful and I donít say it often or act like it, But I am Truly grateful! I am excited on the possibilities I have. Life is not they way I want it to be but itís my fault.

I will no longer feel sorry for myself. I will take full responsibility of the life I live, As itís a gift and I will enjoy it, Every minute, Every second. I will live in joy as life is the greatest gift of all, I will no longer be a victim. I am happy I am able to wake up each day, Most importantly I am opening my eyes to life and Itís beauty once again God/Source/Universe thank you for the greatest Gift.
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