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lol sorry but sounds like nectaromancy

if it's a living food it's probably good for you, which includes all sorts of sweets.. but trying to raise the dead usually doesn't work out for the best because it goes against natural laws .. makes sense eh? sorry if that's not welcome talk in this thread, it can be modified if requested. but I just made it up and it actually seems like a reasonable rule to follow for food as well as issues like zombies and vampires and such hmmm

besides fruits some other natural sweets are delicious medjool dates, honey, and one that not everyone may know about, coconut sugar or nectar! it tastes sort of like a flavorful (not like coconut) brown sugar and can be used in place of white sugar, which is not nearly as healthy because coconut sugar is less processed and a more mindful product. of course using coconut instead would be great too but in any event if you really want to use a sugar, coconut sugar is a pretty nice option. also there is date sugar but I've never had it. using whole dates would be better if you like them cuz they are actually a superfood, very healthy.

ok sorry enough about that... if I were to make a food affirmation, which I actually need to practice what I preach more, let's see it would go like~

I feed my body with wonderful living foods full of energy that fill me with love and exuberance to live my bestestest life

thanks for the thread x
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