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I share my experience with others when I know they would be receptive to it, and that it would be of genuine help to them. To tell people who are not open to it, or who don't really care but are merely curious, would be like casting pearls before swine.

Now, there is nothing wrong with swine; I have met some very fine pigs in my life! However, they have no use for pearls, and cannot see any value in them. There is nothing wrong with this; they are simply pigs being pigs, seeing the world from their piggy point of view. As they trample pearls into the muck, it is not from bad intentions, but rather a lack of awareness, and a different set of priorities.

Nobody has to be converted, or convinced of the reality of my experience. Nor must I make myself a target for ridicule and abuse, in the name of "saving" others. After all, there is nothing to be saved from. Yet when I feel that little nudge, the one that means, "This person is ready to hear it," I have no trouble sharing it.
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