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Starseed Title

You are a starseed or indigo because you want to be known as being different,is that not the point?,to be special,different to others,as for DNA or blood type proving otherwise then what would you do if its negative?
Can't we all be happy being who we are,if we are not indigo,rainbow,star child,starseed?
I know its all very interesting but it seems that all this stuff only happened when the internet became popular,people needed subjects to discuss,if a starseed has some weird symptoms happening why can't it be just "growing up",why is it a starseed symptom,or folk having leg pains is caused by the increasing vibrations of your soul telling you something,maybe kundalini getting active,I mean why can't it be nerves or an illness?

Just questions folks,not criticism, just an interest in how and who knows what they are supposed to be!

Regards Billy.
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