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Originally Posted by linen53
How very interesting slowsnake. When reading his book Cave of the Ancients I really felt he wasn't making it up. For those who critisized him, well, they weren't supposed to get his message. I know he has quite a few books and I'd like to get more as time and money permit.


I just realised I posted that last post twice,so I went to edit and removed everything with the edit button between Hello and my signature,so now I have to fill it,the space I'm typing in now,yes Rampa took over Hoskins body,he was a plumber,at the time it was a nightmare for him,other authors thought "who is this outlander,only we are allowed to write about Tibet",only because it was a best seller,probably sold more in the late 60's on than any other books of that period,and type,he changed my life and I have never denied him,a lot of folk only speak his name in " hushed tones "

But in reality he was the real deal,I used to write to him in the 70's,you had to send mail to an address in London then it would be passed onto him in Canada,apparently you could knock on his door and chat to him,when my partner and I split in 1993 she took nearly all my LP Records,books and art,luckily as we had split I had the Rampa books with me,and nearly all my esoteric books,some were dated to the 1890's under The Theosophical Society,I have never forgiven her for that,my son is 37 in September,I haven't seen either since his 13th birthday in 1993,but a lot I didn't take from the bookshelves,I thought I was coming home again,I did,to an empty house with a For Sale sign on it,and my work tools in the garage,she had cut all my clothes up,she burnt them with all my personal papers and photos,even my spinal Xrays,were burnt,I needed them in court for my back injury,no copies,on film,she burnt them so I could not claim workers comp after my lumbar spine surgery,she was a real sicko.If you ever meet her get the books back,you can have em,lol,hahaha.

Kind Regards Billy.
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