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That sounds like an experience! It seems as if you are talking about full entities and not souls, am I right? Do you carry them in your person/body ever since they entered you or they left or come and go?

I firstly do not really believe them to be walk ins but more along the lines of spirit beings, there who have come to assist myself during my path and along the walk of my spiritual path, and that are there as mere guidance.

They seem to occupy aspects of my mind/personality.

An example the gate keeper resonates as an entity that helps us pass through astral realms and different realms according to itself. I stopped communicating with him years ago due to fear stirred by what my father said to me.

The one that entered during illness at age 22 is a being whom believes in God but is remorseful of their sins in a way. They are currently trying to repent and has come under an agreement that they will assist me with my path if I help and assist them also with their repentance so they may come to terms with this.

As a human being I do not feel the need to repent for anything so I realize this doesn't stem from myself but from another mindful being.

It just is hard for me to grasp and explain myself at the moment so I wanted to hear others thoughts on this and try and see if anyone has any similar experiences with like thoughts/beliefs.

Thank you for your Response Shoni,
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