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Frustrating weird walk in thoughts feelings

Hi, to introduce myself I am called SaturninePluto, you all may call me Pluto for short.

I have been reading up on walk ins or what many refer to as walk ins.

I have come to actually remember a couple possible walk in instances within myself- or what I actually am, or whom rather.

I have experienced two walk ins.

I will try to make this short as possible. My original self the soul born/incarnated here, grew up learning of Native American beliefs- especially shamanism. Spirits were a common topic of asking discussion with myself when I was very young. I could see and hear them, also channel them.

I first became aware of being who referred to themselves as a gate keeper and would speak with me when younger and speak of entrance and entrances into other realms. I stopped speaking with it when my father told me to stop, and not to just trust it, and things.

Later on I came face to face with more spirit experiences and at one point within the forest was taken over by an entity which could communicate withing my mind, and I felt and knew these were not my own thoughts.

During the time of my illness before my diagnoses amd later still, exactly at the age of 22, I channeld someone. I know now their name, whom they are, their reason for being here, and that they occupy the same space my own self as thought- or as whatever is left of myself.

I am not permitted by spiritual law to reveal too much about them- it is a law of privacy that must be adhered to with all beings and between all beings I feel, human or otherwise.

Basically that is my experience of walk ins and something I am just beginning to learn of and learn how to deal/ cope with.

Thoughts welcome.
Warm regards.
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