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Originally Posted by Kaausti
Sorry, don't got a simple answer, just some assumptions and in my opinon...

To me, in the US its probably because we've only used the term "Religion" as stated in our First Amendment Rights. It was probably for lack of a more inclusive term. As you know, Religion is more tangible, majority have doctrines or set of thousands of ways to behave. It probably was easier to describe at the time to add Freedom of...and maybe the term was too loose or non existent at the time???

I don't know that believers of Pagans, WICCANS, Buddhist, Native American Cultures and Religious practices, etc. was REALLY thought about as being "a part of" that Freedom of Religion when this amendment was created...which I would categorize all, including Christianity under Spirituality. But, the intention "I hope" was to allow the people to choose and not be a one size fits all country???

I'm stretching, I know...

As the WICCANS or those who practice non-Christian religious systems (based on our 1st Amendment) become more accepted and when the witch hunts and burnings ceased? maybe, the non-Christian groups...came out from now, the forefront...where I believe many (like probably most if not all people) on this site are willing to talk about it as normal conversation and not in a fear based way.

I mean we gotta face the facts? While we promote Freedom of Religion, Christianity/Catholics, etc. were the prominent spirit based groups and still is.

HOWEVER! Today, some, like those on this forum can have more open discussions about the different aspects of Spirit for more understanding WITHOUT burning, killing, or ex-communicating each other. Yes, we know that these biases and in some respects hatred exists...but, today, there are more people that are willing to connect instead of divide groups, I don't think this was the case a century or two ago.

I think its a matter of time evolving and the awareness that at the core of many horrific acts (like most wars) is a battle between religious groups...So, those like those on here? Continue to say...HOLD ON! There must be a more inclusive and loving way of living! Just some thoughts...

You've written a long piece but it doesn't address the subject of the thread and neither does it match the title of the forum - Spiritualism.

Your sentence containing, quote: "...which I would categorize all, including Christianity under Spirituality" might suggest you believe Spiritualism is the same as spirituality, a common misunderstanding.

Spiritualism is a legally recognised religion in both the USA and in the UK incidentally.
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