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Spiritualism seems to consist mainly of talking to dead people one knew when they were alive with little else behind or beyond it. I can see that - from the perspective of someone who knows little about Spiritualism....
How could one make a religion out of this? As opposed to what other religions are made out of you mean - stories, make-believe and unsupported beliefs in many cases....

Spiritualism is an extremely limited aspect of our existence, not sufficient to guide us. That's right when you have no knowledge of what is taught, what evidence is available...One would be a fool to accept guidance under such circumstances. Never get that in mainstream religion...

When these dead people were alive we probably did our utmost not to take their advice or listen to them, 'I am me!', and now that they are dead one wants to do what we avoided all along? laugh out loud at what you don't have a clue about. You gave me a good chuckle alright!
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