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That door is closed now, not locked. Give it some time. By middle Spring energies will have shifted so you can get a very clear look at the whole situation and go forward from there. And you are right that it is not for you to know right now. That is why you have a closed door and not a window.

I have found Moldavite to be a stone of communication both with ones Higher Self and ones guides/angels. Try meditating with it, a clear quartz and a pink stone (not rose quartz). I am feeling rhodochrosite for the pink stone. Below is what I found on the web for rhodochrosite which seems to fit.

Its powers include drawing love to the wearer, helps release past psychological issues and improves eyesight. Rhodochrosite is thought to relieve stress and is used by healers to cleanse the aura.
Rhodochrosite is also believed to help in the development of inner freedom by helping to resolve inner conflicts and as a stone of love and balance. It is a powerful healer for the 4th chakra and used to cleanse the heart chakra.
Many believe that it can release the suffering based on past lives and energize the pancreas, spleen and kidney. It increases the ability to handle life problems and increase personal self-confidence.

Hope this helps your situation.
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