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I'm completely baffled with my moldavite and wonder if anyone has insight to what is going on.

I've had moldavite for years. I learned to hard way to listen to it as to when I was supposed to wear it and when I wasn't - after having a few pieces disappear.

I've worn it previously through two breakups and it's helped me move on and see that it wasn't the right relationship for me.

So, now I recently went through a breakup, again. It was a hard decision for me to make as it was someone I love, but he just wasn't in the same place as me.

I've been wearing moldavite on and off. I keep getting the strong urge that I'm supposed to wear it and when I take it off, it calls to me. However, the thing that I'm totally confused about it that when I wear it, I'm sad, my heart hurts and I miss him. When I take it off, I'm okay and I feel like I can move forward and find someone who is on the same page as me. I don't get this, at all! Moldavite has always helped me move forward, not held me back, longing for someone. It makes me not want to wear it, but it calls me when I don't.

I've repeatedly cleaned it and reprogrammed it, just in case...

Any ideas?
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