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Originally Posted by little-flower
Could it be that she is your twin flame? Twin flames higher selves often reach out to each other in that way, I have read many accounts where twin flames feel sensations, such as their twin embracing them or holding their hand, although I have not experienced this personally.

It could be that she is scared of/denying the connection and is trying to keep you at arms length - wanting to take things slowly etc. I would research the signs of a true twin flame meeting and see if they relate to your experience .
To be honest I'm not really familiar with twin flame. I know when I first came around here and looked in her eyes afterwards I felt thankful and happy. I was drawn to her. You mention twin flames feel sensations, interesting. She did have indications of being scared of a relationship. I genuinely wanted to take things slow. It was almost like things were meant to happen this way. Thanks for mentioning about twin flame sensation, I'll have to do some research on the matter.
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