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Originally Posted by Lynn

I do not walk with the hand of God but I do not go to say there is no God, as I have to feel as a Medium there is more to what we are than just a ball of flesh. I talk to the dead, now is that the afterlife or simply the energy that they once were that I connect to I honestly have wondered. I too know well that when I cross someone over that they do go to a place, not to a void in space and time. Now it could be said that its what me mind creates for them to find. Again I trust in that there is something more.

I could well be called an atheist but I am far from being a hateful person, I do much good with the path I walk; yet God is not whom I call to is all. I refer to it as Universal Light.

We should never go to that dark place of hate for anyone or anything as we are all created from the same light seed.


Would be nice to see come compassion shared as the 'dead" are reading this as well and they are real.
Hi Lynn, this is what gets on my goat, how so called spiritual people talk about atheist, they talk as if the atheist is some type of devil, and all they are is just a person who doesn't believe in a god, or anything supernatural that cannot be proven. God has never been proven, and just because millions believe in him doesn't make it true. many who have beliefs will do anything to keep their beliefs alive, many have been killed over stupid beliefs, if you believe something to be true, then why even argue over it.

I myself have experienced some stuff that I have no answer for, but I'm certainly not going to hold it as a belief and do all that I can to protect it, if someone doesn't resonate with what I share, then i simply except that, because in all truth I don't really know if i am wrong or right.

Beliefs only imprison us, they never allow us to grow, many hold onto certain beliefs such as an afterlife because they are afraid of dying, they are afraid of losing their loved ones forever, there is much emotion built around their beliefs like steel bars in a prison.

We must admit that we don't know everything, and what we do believe we know, is and can only be known from our senses, take away our senses and we are nothing.
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