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Originally Posted by NoOne
I'm not going to mince my words here.

Most of the so-called "spiritual" community is fake.

It is made up almost entirely of people who put on a fake facade of holiness, love and light, positivity and all that. Except of course humans cannot live such a fake existence, they have to be true to themselves and their real nature. So it comes out every once in a while, often surreptitiously. It turns out "spiritual" people are just as clueless, vicious, cruel and vindictive as every other human on the planet.

My own recommendation is to ignore others and listen to yourself. Only you can know you. Other people are entirely clueless about your inner world, which is a universe to itself. That is not to say, you shouldn't discuss your inner life with others, you can listen, politely, of course, just make sure you always follow your own heart and intuition.
I agree with Lomax. Excellent post. I wish this forum had a "like" button.
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