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I am extremely empathic too. For a long time I struggled like you to cope with taking in the energies of those I came in contact with, or the situations I would view with struggles going on in the world and todays society. It almost got to a point that I could not watch the news if there was any devestating catastrophe that occurred because it would take me weeks to get it out of my system what I would feel. One thing I could say that helped me in grounding myself was to stand or sit outdoors with my bare feet in the grass and envision all the energies that I took in that weren't my own leaving me and pushing it all out through my fingertips to release it. My feet being in contact with mother earth allowed me to easily envision my energies connecting to her like the roots of a plant going deep into the ground. I know this may sound crazy but it worked for me and I was able to form a release of whatever I took in that the day would bring my way.
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