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Not understanding proper psychic protection and grounding, I use to escape the feelings by drinking alcohol (bad idea), which helps numb and takes the edge off of the cacophony of feelings grading against me like sand paper rubbing against raw skin, but in the long run, it can make things hurt much worst...

What I have learned now is that I can bring presence and awareness to the energy and feelings I am sensing, but I can also let it pass through me without internalizing it and having it trapped in my body or energy field. If I am grounded and spiritually centered I can be in a vibration where I still sense what's happening around me, but I am no longer at the mercy of it, I have an anchor through my soul. Meditation helps bring stillness and practice staying grounded and centered.

Visualization helps a lot also. I sometimes envision myself sort of like a transparent being of light and the feelings, thoughts, energies, etc. flow through me. Nothing of low vibration will stick onto me, they just pass through. Another visualization technique that comes to mind is picturing myself as a sturdy lighthouse that is being bombarded by stormy waves. The powerful waves just washes over me, but it doesn't overwhelm me. I am peaceful and center observing the ocean in tranquility. :)

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