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I cleaned up the thread a little bit. Let's please bring the conversation back to the original topic. Per our personal information policy, I highly recommend not to put any kind of personal information about your life open on the forum including your birthday. This is the internet, you open to being watched by so many different sources.

Bringing the conversation back and let's keep it friendly. We can agree to disagree, but let's me mindful on how we deliver our disagreements.

Originally Posted by pinkskymelody
Hello guys. I'm an "Astrologer" and have been for almost 10 years. I've studied Tropical, Vedic, and 13 sign Astrology.

Among my findings, it just dawned on me that Astrology is simply projected psychology that happens to resonate with a few of us.

I sat and thought about it and felt foolish that it hadn't dawned on me that Astrology is similar to a "connect the dots" psychology. For example, I'm only a Taurus because someone from thousands of years ago made a bull by connecting the dots out of a certain cluster of stars. Certainly those cluster of stars are not a bull.

I could easily start up my own Astrological system and redraw all of the signs by playing connect the dots with the stars; same way anyone could stare up at a cloud and see any type of animal from it.

This exposes that the modern day astrology is completely unrealistic in the way most people use it.

Instead we project our human traits onto the sky and assign these cluster of stars human characteristics. It works because all human traits can be found in all of the zodiac signs and for some their characteristics are in sync with a certain time-frame.

Once we find out our signs, we zoom in on whatever character traits we are told our signs have. If you are a Leo, you are told you love attention but if you don't love attention although you are a Leo, don't worry because we have aspects to make up for that.

The truth is, Astrology means nothing and does not work without synchronicity because the zodiac in and of itself is completely made up.

Astronomy vs Astrology and Ophiuchus

Shortly before I discovered Astrology isn't how it is being taught, I downloaded an application called, "Stellarium. In this software, it allows you to go way back in time or way ahead of time.

It turns out Ophiuchus has been there for the past 2,000 years and that the Sun stays in Ophiuchus much longer than Scorpio.

The Sun actually stays in Scorpio for only 7 days just about. The Moon stays there even shorter than what Tropical or Vedic Astrology says. So, I was alarmed by the fact tropical/vedic omits Ophiuchus.

Clearly it intercepts the ecliptic.

I understand Ophiuchus would make things uneven and that the 12 signs correlate with 12 months but it doesn't destroy the fact that the Sun stays in Ophiuchus much longer than Scorpio.

To make matters even worse, the Southern hemisphere is left out of the Tropical astrology. Second of all, people say Tropical astrology has more to do with the seasons and the Sun. If that were the case, then how come some Tropical astrologers branch out to other planets like Uranus, Mars and etc?
Seasons are different all around the world.

However, when this is brought up people tend to get very angry with me. After figuring out the clusters of stars and made up signs have nothing to do with my behavior, I find it even more ridiculous to bicker about.

Later, I switched over to 13 signs for this reason because it is the closest to the facts and because it's one size fits all and doesn't have the issue between the North/Southern hemispheres.

Although I now use Astrology to tell the time, (which is what they seem have done in the Bible), I am currently in the process of trying to wean myself off of Astrology due to this. I am not even so much into 13 signs anymore because it is all just us projecting our traits onto the stars and for some, it gives an excuse for being a certain way. We already have psychology for that and we should start taking responsibility for the way we are instead of thrusting it onto the sky.

After all that is said and done, I understand why scientists think we are silly. Not only do we omit Ophiuchus which has been around for the past 2,000 years but we actually believe images made out of someone's dot-connecting has any validity to it.

I'm not here to make anyone feel bad so my apologies if I do but at the same time, I cannot see how anyone can refute the fact Astrology is simply connecting dots and naming them random things. It is so clear it is projected psychology and not some magical force coming from Mars, constellations and stuff.

It's a complete sham and people are really out here paying hundreds of dollars to have a chart reading. If you want to know who you are, it would seem appropriate to look into ways to get into your subconscious mind and pay more attention to your actions and reactions in the moment you are in a situation.

If you are interested in more of this mindset, just Google Carl Jung and Astrology and it will explain things much better than me.
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