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Originally Posted by kuurt
Dolores Cannon and Michael Newton both have books on what happens after we die, where we go, life between lives, and all of that. They are both hypnotists that regress people to their past lives and life between lives.

I can see a lot of people being skeptical about past life regressions. After all, the persons being hypnotized could just be imagining or making up their past lives and all of that. But, what you have to realize is, they have regressed thousands of people from all over the world and all of them report the same experiences.

People die and find themselves out of their body. Maybe floating above looking down at the body and the people around them. They commonly see a tunnel and light at the end of the tunnel which they move through. The commonly see love ones on the other side. They go to different places on the other side depending upon their situation. these books cover the different places people go and why. Those who commit suicide usually regret it and often have to come back at some point to do it over again.

It's not just hypnotic regressions that give us information about the other side. More and more people these days are having near death experiences and being revived. And they report the same experiences.

I witnessed a past-life regression process while attending a doctoral seminar on Transpersonal Psychology; it was a very fascinating experience to watch. Transpersonal psychology incorporates past-life regression therapy as one of its patient care techniques.
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