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Your father has never died or has he ever been born, there was a body that you became attached to, you and your father had a story together, you being part of his story and he being part of your story, when the body died the story is finished with that body, but the story that you have continues on until your body dies. We are all one in Consciousness, while there is a body in Consciousness, there is what we call a soul, as long as there is an attachment to this so called material world, there will be the Soul, when one is Awakened to this truth, the soul will disappear with the body at death, there will be no more continuation of the soul, for there will be no attachment to keep this illusion going on and on. Your father may have not wanted to continue his life in this material world, therefore his Soul is finished, this is time for celebration, for he is free forever, he has returned to pure Consciousness, pure Bliss. I know what its like to lose our parents, I lost my dad at the age of 48, and mum at the age of 54, dying of cancer, I clinged to them both for many years, going to mediums wanting to hear a sign, anything, but I have learnt to let them go, I have learnt to live my life and not wast it, for that's what my parents would wanted.
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