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thank you enya, islewalker, this is exactly why i love spiritulism and listening to other peoples thoughts.

dont get me wrong im not expecting a message from him straight away just feeling an energy around me would be a start, but i appreciate what your saying that could take a whole lot of learning on his side and to be honest he probably is having a jolly time of it with his other family members and figures hes had us for all these years. oh it does make me smile.

i had conversations with someone the night before he died i was upset he would be on his own and a male voice in my head said "He wont be on his own" and i just instantly replied "Oh i forgot its your turn now we've had him all these years" he had a baby who died in infancy before i was born, but no joking this voice was so clear to me, and other voices were telling me to drive over to his house seen as i couldnt sleep but i kept thinking of excuses as to why i shouldnt (it was 11 at night) had i acted upon those voices he wouldnt of died alone in bed and thats something i will never forget. i often get voices in my head just as im finishing off a meditation and drifting off into a sleep, sometimes the voices are that loud they wake me with a startle and im like "What the heck was that" theres obviously something waking up inside of me dont you think?
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