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Originally Posted by plesiothx
I just dont know where else to ask, this a is serious question

does anybody know of ways to seperate a being from my body

we have been trying to free us for days now and the process is always very long and painful and never succeeds

please we want to get out!

You can contact a gentleman by the name of Chuck Diliberto. He is literally an acended master and has very similar abilities to that of a shaman. He runs a spiritual organization called "Consciousness Awakening & Development of Western NY" they also have a website. He is truly remarkable in his abilities and I am convinced he is definitely the real deal. He can even work long distances. I had a few sessions with him and I can not put into words things that I felt on a physical level which he removed from me and my body. We all have attatchments of some sort being human beings and he is truly remarkable in what he can do. He works by energy and grids. I have a business card from him and he also has a website as well. If you want his number just let me know. I felt like a new person when I left my sessions with him and he can even close portals, do energy clearings, remove attatchments, balance and align chakras and energies and much more.
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