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First be aware that most energy vampires are not really aware of it and they do it unconsciously... don t take it personally with them.... maybe thats they way to cry for help.

second thing it might be from your side.. that those people only telling you that you need to center yourself and balance your system.... doing spiritual practices without a good master can shift your energy to new levels and form and open new doors for you ... you might be extra sensitive and open stronger cords with people you love.

third if you have sympathy in a wrong way towered them. (unhealthy one comes from ego side) it allow your system to give them energy cuz u feel bad about them for example or you think they deserve better life.

finally remember everything we do is by our choice. if you want to change and stop letting ppl do it just make a strong conscious choice about it. and as i understood 3 of them are really close to you.... so you open up too much to them on energy levels...maybe out of comfort or love ... or whatever is your reasons...start from this point and it will lead you to solve your situation.

all best for you
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