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Have you considered that it might be an issue on your side? That something subconsciously (or consciously) is causing this energy depletion?

Your latest boyfriend sounds rather attached/clingy to the reader, but it's also very hard to be accurate of his nature without knowing him, or seeing you both. He may just be tactile, but if he's too much for you - too tactile - too clingy - then have a word with him and ask him to ease off a bit? Have you done that, and if so, what was his reaction?

You also refer to feeling energy depleted after waking up, which is par for the course for most as you've been at rest, or in your case getting hands all over your face all night so you will be tired.

Having said that, I do relate to you to some degree. I too feel drained after spending too much time with some people (most, actually), so having my own space is imperative. It is very easy for others to say ''If the relationship is right you should never want to be alone'', but to me that screams insecurity/neediness as your own time is vital for growth, it's just most people aren't on the same path as us and are not in touch with their own energy and intuition, thus are unaware of their feeling.

But it does sound rather labored and draining. I do think his hand positioning has nothing to do with your energy depletion - he's more than likely not aware he is even doing it.

Perhaps reduce your time together? Don't spend large amount of time together in one go. Reduce the number of days you see each other, and even contact.

I know since embarking on my journey I was seeing a lady who I connect with and on the whole, enjoyed her company. But I too felt drained sometimes after seeing her for a substantial amount of time, but I realised it was from me due to my sensitivity to energy around me - she was just being herself - so I asked for some time alone and reduced seeing her as much.

Spirituality really does produce heightened sensitivity levels in some - myself included, so it is really important to give yourself personal time alone to rest and recover.

But yes, I'd reduce the time together and then you'll also see if he really is clingy and needy, or if he'll be okay with it, as if he's coming from a true place, he will be absolutely fine with the time apart and honor your request (if that is what you want to do).

Go steady

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