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Originally Posted by Lucky 1
And life is too short to spend it in an unhappy relationship.....and too long to spend it alone!

Thanks for your reply! I figured since the relationships haven't been the best (but not always bad), maybe alone was the only logical response

I think it comes down to my grandmother, woman is strrrong and has been alone for as long as I can remember...except that one relationship for three months when I was 18 (as far as I know, we just talked about it a couple weeks ago), but other than that she's been going it alone so I figured some people were possibly just meant to be.

Karma, or soul contract, or even that point in a soul's reincarnation cycle, whichever you believe, can cause a person to remain alone in a lifetime. Does that make sense?
"Live all of your life. Understand it, see it, appreciate it. And have fun." - Joss Whedon
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