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Do you believe certain people are meant to be alone?

I'm just wondering if that was what this soul signed up for, or if my karmic cords demand my solitude in this lifetime!

I've never dated the same person twice, and if you lined up my relationships, not one pair of persons would denote I am attracted to a certain type! I'm wondering, because people I've known in all my years say they're meant to be single, then they've suddenly met someone shortly after the declaration. But, I have never felt like any relationship was the one, even the shy-of-a-decade marriage that ended a while ago...I've been single for three years now and haven't dated in that time, haven't wanted to as I worked on myself.

I wonder if maybe I'm just not meant to be with anyone in this life! Even my dreams for after the kids graduate and move on with their own lives are me doing things alone.

I'm just becoming quite lonely lately, sometimes painfully so, and wonder if all the failed relationships at different points of learning and life just mean that I'm destined to make this a happy life with my perfect partner...myself :p (joke)!

Does anyone know anyone who is happily living a life alone? And what they've said about it in regards to their choice?
"Live all of your life. Understand it, see it, appreciate it. And have fun." - Joss Whedon
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