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Originally Posted by Patrycia-Rose
Always good to hear from you.
Couldn't help myself, maybe I need a therapist.

Originally Posted by Patrycia-Rose
Yeah, get that, that's not me though, I'm far to grounded for that. In fact, I'd not heard of the word until my guides put the word in my third eye.
It kinda tickled me when I first came across it yonks ago although it's calmed down a bit since, thankfully. And no, it didn't seem to fit you somehow.

Originally Posted by Patrycia-Rose
After some dowsing last night of the energies in my bedroom, think I've sorted out what's going on. Had a blissful night's sleep last night.
It's good that you've had a decent sleep out of it, but don't let this push you so far that you can't function. Being a martyr to it doesn't help anyone especially yourself.

Originally Posted by Patrycia-Rose
I've heard of the word but not sure what it means. What is kundalini and what's it purpose, what does it do? Another thing that I've noticed is people seem to go out of their way to make this kundalini happen by meditation or whatever means. I've not forced any of this, it all seems to be happening in spite of myself, if you understand my meaning.
It's various things to various people and there's probably a few threads or sub-forums kicking around on the subject. It's basically energy that goes up your spine via your main chakras, it's normally depicted as a coiled snake that can awaken and rise up. Once that happens it can open up your chakras for a wider experience of reality, healing, insights.... One of the favourites is that it kicks off bliss.

We're going to 'get there' either because of ourselves or despite ourselves so we might as well stop fighting it and get on with it. Yes, I do understand, sometimes it feels as though it's out of you control and you wouldn't want it anyway but it's there just the same.

Originally Posted by Patrycia-Rose
Once I'd tuned into him, I thought he had some interesting things to say;

Not sure what to make of the idea of being part of the first wave. My usual position would be to watch everyone else make the first step, see what mistakes they make, weigh up the pros and cons and then make a decision as to whether to go for it or not.

I agree with what he says about the spiritual and energetic journey being the focus of your life and everything else revolves around that. It does feel very much like that for me, which I think increases the sense of being alone in it.

And also, a good reminder for me is what he says about not resisting the process, because it's going to happen anyway. I'm not all that good about going with the flow, even though I do try.

I think the choices on this stuff are very limited, we're going to go through it on the Universe's terms rather than our own. But then we made that choice when we were Spirit so all we're doing is keeping our own noses to the grindstone.

I quite like Matt Khan, while he does go a little airy-fairy he does try and keep it real and he has a sense of humour so that helps too. I hate the 'all Spirituality and no personality' stuff. It's not something I'd normally go for, quite the opposite in fact but for some reason it just felt right. At the time it was very applicable as well.

We are alone, pretty much but often that's the fun of it. You are uniquely you in so many ways including energetically and no matter how much people crow about being One we're still very singular. Sometimes it's hard to work out what we're going through for ourselves never mind express it, and our minds often think we're the only ones. I think that with the 'first wave' bit there's a certain comfort in thinking we're not completely alone, that there are people going through something similar. There's something nice in feeling you're a part of something bigger than yourself.

The trick to going with the flow is to stop trying to go with the flow. Going with your own flow is to allow yourself to try because that's what humans do; so you let yourself try, realise it's pretty futile and it'll stop happening. Once the trying stops the rest is a walk in the park and you're there already, but then whatever happens is part of the experience anyway. If you want to fret your nut off feel free, it's your experience.
"Take your legacy and understand what has gone before. Make a new tomorrow in Love, Light and Faith."
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