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Originally Posted by jro5139
I went through the bulk of it last summer. I had physical symptoms, as well as strange spiritual stuff that happened. Symptoms I can remember now are that I was nauseous for 3 months straight, the only other time I remember being nauseous that long was when I was pregnant with my son. Other symptoms I remember now are I got real sensitive to things like nature and beauty, I had weird time distortions, I developed ringing in the ears, most of all I became more sensitive to spirits and entities. At one point, I saw a flash of light and I felt my third eye open, I could feel the energy moving in and out, and still can. I had some channeled messages and strange things came to me in meditations. There was a lot, I became aware of things going on that I wasn't aware of before. My vibration went up. I started working somewhere and went I first went in, I had deja vu, I've never had that before. I saw lots of signs and numbers. There's a lot that happened.

Thanks so much for sharing that. It feels a lonely journey, there's so much written on the net and posts here on this forum about awakening but not so much on ascension. The experience definitely is focusing on the physical aspects as opposed to the mental and emotional. Just this morning I awoke with minor backache and have this heat going up my spine, it's quite a soothing, comforting feeling. The main thing I'm battling is constant tiredness and even though I'm sleeping it doesn't feel restorative.
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