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Twin flame manifestation

I am desiring to manifest my Twin Flame. I feel this is going to be life changing. As I have already prepared a ritual to re-unite me with my TF. Here is what I have done so far....
I took drawing paper, I pictured the color of my soul, on one side visualized my souls energy while drawing. On the other side I relaxed and focused on my TF's soul color. I got the color then drew her flame concentrating on her energy. She is a very strong soul b/c her flame is bigger than mine
I am in the midst of writing a little chant I guess to call it. I would like to share it and maybe get some feedback seeing if I left something out or should take something out. I did my best to include Health, Self love, Crossing over, heartbreak, meeting and talking.

A TF Chant
As these flames come together
allow these twins to meet each other
with locking eyes from a far
appearing to twinkle as a star
sweating palms and racing heart
this rush will not stop them from being apart
both are complete filled with their own self love
healthy and whole to soar high above
and when the day should come
for the two that will depart
quickly remind them consciousness is never apart
both will receive the greatest comfort
pouring from the forever loving mind
of the Greater All we call the Divine
so let it if it is to be...

Then i am going to fold the paper in half symbolizing me and my TF meeting. Thoughts insights opinions? please share. Thank you for reading
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