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When people ask me what I do for a living I usually answer something like the least amount possible for the highest return... which isn't really true as it quite often turns out the other way.

But it true in the overall sense as I have such low outgoings that I don't need to make much and all that time that gives me usually creates income streams to keep the whole ramshackle event turning over.

The one thing anyone who might be doing it should stop right away is saving so they can do what they really want to do... just do it. Doing what you want to do has an in built tendency to always provide you with what you need to keep doing it... may even get rough at times but that's all apart of sorting out what you really want. AC seems to have nailed it.

So I'd then end by saying that my favourite way of earning money is a mixture of fun, learning and enough recreation time to reflect on whether I'm having the fun I want to and whether what I'm learning is also worth learning.
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