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Originally Posted by Sarian
Geesh, my bosses name is Paul. I wish my job was like yours.... lol
Earn it, don't wish it and it will come true.
I'm interviewing for a job at a winery next to my house tomorrow... just a part time job to bring in a little bit more, but not only is it less than a minute drive from my house, which would save on gas, they sell stuff created by local artisens, so I'm hoping once they see the things I paint and my photographs, perhaps I can sell them there as well and make some additional money. The land is breathtaking there, and I wouldn't mind tending to their property as well. I hope they pay more than minimum wage though, but I'm thinking they might not.

Sounds nice. and if i may make an observztion.
If part of your future is the winery will be a place to sell your stuff, the wage they pay is not that important.
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