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Originally Posted by Alternate Carpark
Earn -Acquire or deserve by one's efforts or actions.
Nope. That's how i earn money.
If i didn't get out of bed and do those things I would not get paid by that pleasant ATM machine.
I call it Paul.

I call it Paul because of a classic scene from Family Guy.
Mayor West played to perfection by Adam West ( TV's Batman from the 60's for those that don't know)

Any ways...Mayor West is chasing a guy down the street shooting at him with his cat crossbow\cataput thingy.
The guy gets away and Mayor West stops chasing as he's run out of cats.
He squatts down to pick up his cats to put them back into his cat quiver on his back,
calling them by name as he puts them back in the quiver.

He's putting them back in ,affectionately calling them by name and says,
"Come on mittens, come on kitty, come on Paul in you go"
And then he starts laughing at himself and still chuckling says, "
haha..Paul haha..wha-haha-t a rediculous\silly na-haha-me for a cat!"
Oh he was laughing so much as the absurdity of the situation.
Paul just looked up at him like, "I have no idea what this human is saying or why he is laughing."
Geesh, my bosses name is Paul. I wish my job was like yours.... lol

I'm interviewing for a job at a winery next to my house tomorrow... just a part time job to bring in a little bit more, but not only is it less than a minute drive from my house, which would save on gas, they sell stuff created by local artisens, so I'm hoping once they see the things I paint and my photographs, perhaps I can sell them there as well and make some additional money. The land is breathtaking there, and I wouldn't mind tending to their property as well. I hope they pay more than minimum wage though, but I'm thinking they might not.
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