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Originally Posted by tilia
Hi there

I am really struggling with being "down here" at the moment. I just want to escape "up there" where it is beautiful, loving, light and limitless.

How do you accept that you re down here. What have you done to truly be down here and make the most of it?

Hello tilia :)

I know that feeling! I just got relief from that feeling, like...this month! I wanted to go home so bad, sooooo bad.

What changed? I'm not completely sure, as these things go...I was aware of that feeling as you are of yours and being a new member of this site is a part of my recently acquired 'better mood' about being here.

I have always been torn, I have wanted to leave here since I was young. I always had strong feelings of not belonging and thinking I was not the same as other people. I feel less like that on a site like this!

What kind of changed was my acceptance of my divine nature. I decided, I must think these things for a reason-I have always thought them and now I give in. It was a good thing. I feel connected more to "home" and the message I feel came through was this:

you are exactly where you want to be. The idea is for us to bring "home" to earth. It is a tough job. You are not alone. You found this message board, and I am glad you shared how you are feeling. Because it is how I feel too.

Thank you and I send you loving peaceful energy, I am glad you are here to post your thoughts and feelings. :) ~Namaste
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