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Thanks for replying FairyCrystal.
It is confusing to meet various connections. Before I had my awakening 15 yrs ago.. I never read any of this.. not that that would make a difference, but as I would meet different soul connections in my soul group, I would then read about the ones.. and it fits so well. I believe I have met my twin ray. I know it's rare.. & in my experience it is as much as it would be like a twin in real life, male/female. I am female and my t.r. is male.. but he could not stay in the relationship.. he would come & go continually and for 3.5 yrs.
I think I am aware of most of my primary twelve soul connections now.

My confusion yet is in how this comes together on the other side. I had enough autonomy between these one's meetings.. & especially the last 2 after a t.f. died.. that I think it all comes back together as light bodies on other side. For me, as a Christian, I can see there is work in 1000 reign. This t.f. I am around now, and have known for 20 yrs.. I see us into completion..
I like the website, "Journey of Illumination" that she talks about how she believes she is a split of 3.. I relate to that scenario & also that this current t.f. connection is rather a culmination of this split.. and that (current) t.f. & I will ascend together. The, "how," it plays out is still somewhat of a mystery and the journey...

I wonder if the twin ray meeting are not so uncommon.. but more like a brother/ sister, that another read on all of these soul connections, is about eternal twin flame (extremely rare) which is proton/ electron splitting, then the twin ray which is a cell split from beginning of time is my guess...
So, as the matrix goes, I could see this played out...
I would say too it's how it all comes back together on other side.
When I am in the middle of adjusting to knowing a closer soul it is about healing.. both of us & outward..
I sense we all see things uniquely as well as one's purpose on earth...
Thanks again for your reply to my post!
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