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Originally Posted by unicorn68
did you manage to find the twin flame special at b&q?or were they sold out already?(and there was me thinking that zumba was a store....)and theres no such thing as gods will by the way.its all about FREE WILL.....FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-that and connection to spirit obv...

FREE will?

And here's me been paying for it! 2,15FW tokens to the .

Homebase was offering "twin flame barbecue specials" but I shuddered to think. It put a new slant on surrendering your Will to the Sauce.
It led me to think about chasers unable to ketchup with their prey... (oh Mercy, excuse me. The zumba's addled such brain as I have left. Last time I went for a brainwash most of it when down the plughole. more puns today. I shall go flagellate myself with a wet haddock....
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