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The Asherah Code: Mary's Vigil

I accompany the one my soul loves.
Those who should grasp his message do not.
They claim I am possessed.
I gaze heavenward, as he bathes me in new light.
Radiant, the bridge rises.
Healing with a sweet touch, he draws forth my soul as water.
I am struck by tenderness; delightful tingling marks the place.

He so loves the children; each one as his own and only.
He tells me that he learned this at home.
He bears noble dignity; not granted by title or blood.
His spirit of timeless royalty and power, stirs the waves to shimmer gold the air.

His gaze enters through eyes to observe my soul.
He sees all of me and knows better than I, myself.
Warm is the smile; deep the voice which thrills within me.
The circle and sway of every gesture; gentle as strong, his grace in motion.

My name he whispers and so much more.
Kissing me, he shares every secret upon my lips.
Often he laughs, but only I see his tears fall.
I alone know what he is willing to endure for love.

He is taken.
I would die before abandoning him, but lack the strength to rescue.
Sleepless in the dark, I seek a sign of my beloved.
Heart reeling, I urge my soul to reach forth in search, yet cannot see where he is.
Well do I know that love transcends death, but what of the flesh I also love?

At the tomb before daylight, I feel him near.
In my lamentation, I am blinded by tears and fail to recognize.
Then he speaks my name like music.

I run to him, hold fiercely and will not let go.
I am determined to bring him home.
Together, we greet the dawn and I see only him.
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