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I've also had psychic abilities most of my life...and I know there is life after death. I don't believe in bragging the way I perceive things when having a dream, or vision...doesn't make me special. It makes me tuned in, and very sensitive, but so are most other people. They may get the information through another channel than I did, yet not even know they had a psychic experience....lots of people do that. They thinks it's just common sense, or a feeling...they don't even contemplate it being a psychic experience. It's not how mainstream society thinks. Also, just because we have psychic experiences, doesn't mean we are always right. We don't always get all the pieces, we might see the funeral in the dream the night someone dies....but we might not see who is in the coffin or grave. I could, but almost never do readings. I don't take that lightly. You have to always always be humble and very kind in how you relay messages, and never ever do a reading if all the answers arent there. I do resonate with the stars, but more so because I believe there is life in other dimensions, time and space.

I don't mean to be rude at all, but don't get carried away because you are aware of some gifts. There's karma in how you handle it. The first half of your paragraph and the second half, kind of contradicts itself....if you are just now believing in the afterlife, but you have been doing 5 star readings for a long time....that's alarming to me.

It can be very exciting, to be able to tap into things and have psychic can also be very scarey. I just don't want you to get ahead of yourself, and regret it later. People will pick and tear you apart....and my motive is to help you to see that you have to be humble and responsible, because it can and will back fire. Look at Sylvia Brown (she's dead now) but I do believe she had gifts, amd may at one time used them to help others. However, I don't believe she should have been on Montel throwing out random guesses for fortune and fame...that's not how it works. Sometimes we are tapped in, sometimes we are not...but we are not ALWAYS tapped in.

Sometimes we teach, but most of the our lives we spend as students, gifted or not.

As soon as you think you have something figured out, there's more and more to learn....and more.

When you think all souls are stars, then you learn some people are reincarnated, some are on there first lives, some are in different dimensions, some are here with us, etc, etc, ...everybody's experiences are different and personal. So while I do think that a star can represent a persons soul, or a shooting star can represent a's just a small part that you tapped doesn't speak or represent everybody....there's a vast majority more doing something different, that you didn't get to see. That's how it works.
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