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I know...That shows us, how many of us are self haters, whether we are inflicting that pain on others, or taking it from others...letting it affect us, when we shouldn’t...or doing both, which is more likely.

None of us truly know our self worth...but it looks like there is a bright light on the horizon. Each if us have been given a chance, or many chances to learn this. And now, as we look at the world....with all the self haters we share it with (everyone) that we are loved and being given the learning we need... to learn self love.

When you know your self worth, in the eyes of God....the negativity can not touch you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, etc....because you are strong from the inside out.

I am a student, not a teacher. I need to love myself more, too.

We think too much, feel too deeply, and listen to others much more than we should....we should be listening to ourselves, and asking for guidance from a higher source while we learn, and are being attacked from all sides. The majority of the time, it is our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, that shape our experiences....and sharing this world with other students...they are going to pick up on weaknesses, and exploit it...because we do need to work on those areas where we can be abused by others. Kids are so mean sometimes.
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