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Originally Posted by Berry
Absolutely, what MAR and Tobi said. My beloved cat was hit by a car and I saw her spirit for 1 year until my mom prayed her away. She still visited and eventually became a guardian cat for my other cat/s. I've seen our deceased cats over the years with clarity or energies, but my kids were able to see them solidly and more often. Their messages are always, "We love you, we miss you." And they tend to show up more on holidays.

2 weeks prior to my first cat's death, I dreamed that a "bad" man took him away. We had to put him down due to end stage renal failure at 1.5 years old. Again, 2 weeks prior to my other cat's death, she showed me her beautiful aura. It was a pointy, spiny, rainbow colored aura. I would also see a white line of energy stemming from her head through the ceiling. And when we buried her, my then toddler daughter saw her healthy, running and playing with another deceased cat in our yard. Their love for us is unconditional and eternal.
Thanks for sharing this, Berry. Sweet to be affirmed that animals have consciousness that survives the death of the body.
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