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Pets' Death

HI! Do u think its possible we can communicate somehow 6th sense-wise with our pets? This has happened to me twice now; with 2 beloved pets that died. First time, i was in a different city than my puppy, who was at my Familys home. Puppy got hit by a car while i was out of town. i got a big flash of her, i stopped dead in my tracks, and said pup's name out loud. i thought, how strange. then i got back home; i found out pup got killed at same time i thought of her. Now 2nd pet...lived with my sister across the USA from me. I loved the dog as my own pet, and the dog lived in my home for 3 yrs prior. So this time, i got a flash again, same way...of this dog. i found out later my Sister put the dog down that same day; kidneys failing. It was same day i thought of dog. So, is this just precognition that i thought of the dogs, days of their deaths?
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